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6/3/2010      Sarasota Herald Tribune Local Beats – Local beats shout out to Sandi Grecco – Owner of The Drum Studio and drummer for several sucessful Sarasota/ Tampa Bay bands!

4/29/2010    Sarasota Herald Tribune TicketGiving Hunger the Blues” Giving Back for the Past 15 years

The Drum Studio and Sandi Grecco are mentioned. Music school training amateur musicians! Including American Idol Runner-Up Syesha Mercado. 2005 Drum Studio All Star!

2/11/2010    Sarasota Herald Tribune Arts & EntertainmentMusicians hope to get folks to give a bit more”  The Drum Studio “Rocks for Haiti” concert at The Irish Rover. Over 100 people attended our concert!

1/13/2010    Sarasota Herald Tribune Community Stanton Moore Drum Clinic at The Drum Studio

8/28/08    “ – Sean Daly’s 10 must-see fall concerts — and 5 to skip”. Rebekah & Prophets were named 3rd!! Only Local/ Regional band mentioned!!

8/26/08   “LOCAL BEATS”  Rebekah Pulley’s “Back to Boogaloo” Cd stellar review gets Sarasota drummer Sandi Grecco, from The Drum Studio, Kudos!!

 7/23/08  “Rebekah Pulley drops a Beauty” latest CD Release “Back to Boogaloo” Strong review list musicians including drummer Sandi Grecco.

7/30/08  “Back to Boogaloo” 4 star review from 3rd Coast Music!! Sandi Grecco of The Drum Studio, gets an honorable mention as “Terrific Musician” on drums!

5/10/08  “Syesha’s Hometown visit to Sarasota”  A brief play-by-play with a few mentions of Sandi Grecco’s, performance band, The Drum Studio All Stars.

2/28/08  “Giving Young Bands a Gig” Giving Hunger the Blues 2008. 4th year sponsor Sandi Grecco, from The Drum Studio talks about GHTB.

3/30/08  “MUSIC: Giving Hunger the Blues”. Creative Loafing gives an informative nod to Sandi Grecco of The Drum Studio.

 2/7/08  “Making of an ‘ Idol’ Aspirant” Sandi Grecco of The Drum Studio was interviewed with other teachers about Syesha back in the day!

11/21/07   “For Those About to Pay Tribute” “Underground Cool “…Sandi Grecco, former drummer for Venus in Furs, gains approval for this “Underground Cool” tribute band!!

9/15/07  “WMNF 88.5 fm Community Radio 28th Birthday Bash Concert” at The Cuban Club in Ybor City. Honorably mentions Sandi Grecco, drummer for both Rebekah Pulley & Venus in Furs (twice below.)

3/30/07  “Blues for a Cause” Sandi showing some love for Giving Hunger the Blues and her Drum Studio All Stars.

10/27/06   “Local Music, Funk Shui” Led by Drummer Sandi Grecco of The Drum Studio.

9/27/06 “Keeping Tabs” Creative Loafing checks up on last seasons “Artist to Watch”, #4 The Drum Studio All Stars!!

3/11/05  “Student Band wants more Exposure”  It was supposed to ping The Drum Studio Rocks For Tsunami Relief, a concert/benefit sponsored entirely by Sandi Grecco of The Drum Studio. This article was lacklaster in it’s approach (if it had one) still worth a read, though.

10/26.05  “Chase Vickers Band” opens The Sarasota Blues Festival, with a “Metal Version” of The Star Spangled Banner!!! Sandi Grecco ,of The Drum studio, plays lead guitar and leads one of her top drum students to a crowd of more than 3,000 people!!

10/24/03 “Drive, she say, is just what a good drummer needs to have”.  Full Page interview on Drummer Sandi Grecco, from The Drum Studio.

6/7/97  “Chicago Blues Festival @ Grant Park Chicago Il.”  If you read down to the 3rd paragraph Sandi Grecco is named as the drummer for Shirley King, daughter of Legendary Bluesman BB King!!

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