Past Instructors

Over the Years at The Drum Studio, I have had some amazing local musicians share their knowledge and lend a helping hand to teach. Taking up  my overflow of students as well when a student needs a different approach but still enjoys what The Drum Studio has to offer.  These teachers have moved on from The Drum Studio but have left lifelong impressions on learning music to the next generation.

Look for bio’s of more past teachers soon. Including:

T.K. Mizunuma – Guitar – General Music – Music Theory – Rock Band Instructor – Summer Camp Instructor (2006-09)

Scott Gibson (RIP) – A local guitar hero with a soft spot for jammin with my students at The Drum Studio Jam Nights (2002-03)

Al Owen – A local guitarist/ BMI songwriter who loved sharing his talents at The Drum Studio Jam Nights (2002)

Michael Finley – Drums and Percussion. Michael moved on to Sarasota Military Academy upon my referral and recommendation and has been there ever since they opened. (2002)

Posted April 4, 2015 by sandi